What We Do

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Sourcing Clinical Trial supplies

We specialise in sourcing Reference Listed drugs and innovator samples in clinical and analytical volumes for bio-equivalent studies and in turn bio-similar and generic formulations.

We acquire products in different quantities, countries, available time frames and competitive prices to match client requirements. Single and Multiple batches and specific expiry dates requirements can be provided to meet clients’ needs.

Full Product Traceability

Full product traceability and recall monitoring as per regulatory requirements is assured for all our clients. We keep ourselves updated with the latest MHRA safety alerts, warnings and drug recalls and are able to trace the specific batches with the help of our extensive data management system.

In addition to this, we keep our customers updated with new Drug alerts on defective medicines and batches; plus a deeper insight into changing regulations and amendments. These can be found on our blog pages and newsletters.

Authenticity management

We check all the bona fides of all suppliers to ensure that all required regulations are correct and up to date. We have a comprehensive continuous tracking system for all packages and shipments large and small. with regular spot checking.

We follow FEFO (First expire first out) policy in our stock management. We provide complete accountability to our suppliers that the products are used for non-commercial, test purposes only.

Regular Updates and Advice

A combination of in-depth Knowledge of generic and branded products, coupled with strong relations with providers, enables us to facilitate the most appropriate information on clients requirements.

Our clients benefit from regular updates and advice on product availability, manufacturing delays/discontinuation issues, any changes in the formulation and advice on product storage

Our suppliers enjoy regular ongoing feedback on their quotations, their status, the comparison to the market price to help them to be keen in future pricing.

Client and supplier confidentiality is of paramount consideration at Spring Bio Solution.

Managing Cost

Our objective for our clients is to identify the most cost effective freight forwarding using our extensive but carefully selected subcontractors to ensure the keenest provision of logistics and warehouse management.

Audited and Approved Transport Facilities

All our freight forwarding companies are rigorously audited and monitored to ensure that they meet the MHRA temperature monitoring regulations for pharmaceuticals. This is underpinned by our own spot checks, throughout the supply chain.

Clients can request our special packaging for temperature sensitive products.